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The Butter Man

By Elizabeth and Ali Alalou

Illustrated by Julie Klear Essakalli

Published by Charlesbridge, 2008

Nora is watching her father (baba) cook dinner, and feels like she is too hungry to wait for dinner time.  He tells her a story of his childhood in High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, when where was a famine, and he felt truly hungry.  In comparison, he says, waiting for the couscous to cook was a relatively short time to be hungry!

A great book to address geopgraphy and living conditions in places other than the United States.  Also addresses some of the words that are used in Morocco.

Special features: Author’s note about Morocco and the end of the book describes what living conditions are like, and describes the traditional garb, food and lifestyles of Moroccan villagers.  There is also a glossary that explains some of the words that may be foreign to young readers.

Awards: A Junior Library Guild Selection

Accessed: Augusta County Library



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And if the Moon Could Talk

Written by Kate Banks

Illustrated by Georg Hallensleben



This poetic, peaceful piece is about a little girl getting ready for bed in her part of the world, and alternates between her and the moon as it gazes down on other cultures all over the planet.  A luxurious, lush read.  Very enjoyable.

Curriculum connections to identifying culture and geography.

Accessed: Augusta County Library

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