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The Night Worker

By Kate Banks
Illustrated by Georg Hallenslenben
Published by Frances Foster Books, 2000

Alex’s father is a night worker, and every night, when Alex is going to sleep, Papa tucks him in and goes to work. “Take me with you,” he begs. One night, Papa does. Alex gets to see all of the construction and work that happens while the rest of the world sleeps.
Great for small children interested in big vehicles and construction workers. An instructive tool about what happens at night while most of us sleep.
Accessed: Augusta County Library


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And if the Moon Could Talk

Written by Kate Banks

Illustrated by Georg Hallensleben



This poetic, peaceful piece is about a little girl getting ready for bed in her part of the world, and alternates between her and the moon as it gazes down on other cultures all over the planet.  A luxurious, lush read.  Very enjoyable.

Curriculum connections to identifying culture and geography.

Accessed: Augusta County Library

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