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Joyful Noise

By Paul Fleischman

Published by Harper Collins, 1989

This book of poems for two voices celebrates the insect world, from the way they look, and feel to the way they sound.  This is a celebration of the creatures that the world often takes for granted.

Great for lovers of insects, but also appropriate in a high elementary or middle school poetry collection for use in the language arts classroom.  Could also supplement a unit in science class on insects.

Awards: Newberry 

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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Insect Detective

By Steve Voake
Illustrated by Charlotte Voake
Published by Candlewick Press 2009
This nonfiction work illustrates the amazing world of insects and all the work that they do.
Great for classes studying insects in science class as an introduction to the variety of insects even in one’s own back yard.
Awards: Junior Library Guild Selection
Accessed: Augusta County Library

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