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By David Wiesner
Published by Clarion, 2011
This wordless picture book tells the tale of a young boy who goes to the beach with his family and collects treasures that he finds washed upon the shore. When an antique camera washes ashore, the boy develops the film inside, to find a treasury of self-portaits, each holding the portrait of the person before them. The boy continues the journey of the camera, takes his own photo, and throws the camera back to the whims of the sea.
This amazing book is great for middle and upper elementary students studying the ocean. Also a great wordless book for creating one’s own dialogue for the story.
Awards: Caldecott Medal
Accessed: Augusta County Library


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Where’s Walrus?

By Steven Savage

Published by Scholastic Press, 2011

Walrus lives in a tiny pool at the zoo. While the zookeeper is sleeping, walrus escapes!  Can you find Walrus as he goes about town, trying new things and eluding the zookeeper?  What will happen to Walrus when he’s finally caught?  This book has no words, and so children have a great time finding Walrus and watching the story develop.

Great pick for showing how pictures literally are worth a thousand words.  It is a terrific choice for talking about elements of story, and how each student can identify the problem, the ongoing plot, the details important to the telling, the characters, and finally the climax and resolution to the tale.  The pictures also give the reader flexibility to change the story each time he reads the book.  This book also reminds me a lot of The Shape Game by Anthony Browne (which I talked about in another post), where shapes are used to create characters.  In this case, the character takes on the shape and mannerisms of those around him.

Awards: Notable children’s book for Kirkus, Horn Books, ALA, and Publisher’s Weekly, just to name a few.

Accessed: Augusta County Library

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