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And Tango Makes Three

By Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell
Illustrated by Henry Cole
Published by Simon and Schuster, 2005

Two male penguins in the zoo are a couple, and the zookeepers at the Central Park Zoo in New York see that they are desperately trying to hatch a rock– the closest thing they can find to an egg, like the other penguin couples have. Since neither of them can lay an egg, one zookeeper takes pity on them and gives them an egg to hatch and raise. Along comes Tango.

This book is a wonderful story to share to show all types of families, and address the issue of same-sex relationships.

Awards: School Library Journal and Booklist Starred Reviews

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

By Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

This book takes a look at several human families and their dinosaur “children”. Any parent can relate to the grumpy dinos, messy dinos, and most important, the loving dinos for whom they care so much. The message? In spite of the crazy things that kids do, the moments that they show their love and cuteness makes up for all of that.

This book is a great example of personification and characterization as well as determining author’s purpose. Middle and high schoolers can determine: why did the author decide to use dinosaurs? What effect does it have on the story? The illustrations? What is more comical about watching dinosaurs get up on the wrong side of the bed than a human child doing the same thing?

This is the 9th book in the “How Do Dinosaurs…?” series. Though wildly popular, this book has not earned any critical acclaim, but positive reviews.

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