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By David Wiesner
Published by Clarion, 2011
This wordless picture book tells the tale of a young boy who goes to the beach with his family and collects treasures that he finds washed upon the shore. When an antique camera washes ashore, the boy develops the film inside, to find a treasury of self-portaits, each holding the portrait of the person before them. The boy continues the journey of the camera, takes his own photo, and throws the camera back to the whims of the sea.
This amazing book is great for middle and upper elementary students studying the ocean. Also a great wordless book for creating one’s own dialogue for the story.
Awards: Caldecott Medal
Accessed: Augusta County Library


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Life in the Ocean

The Story of Oceanography Sylvia Earle

By Claire A. Nivola

Published by Frances Foster Books, 2012

Sylvia always observed and experienced nature from the time she was a young girl.  As she grew up, she fell in love with the sea and the marvels that it held.  As one of very few female oceanographers (and often the only female on particular expeditions), her contributions are important to the story of woman pioneers.  She continued throughout her life to discover and explore the ocean and show people all that is worth preserving.

A great biographical sketch to prompt deeper research for older students, or as a read for younger students interested in nonfiction.

Awards: Washington Posts’s Best Kid’s Books of 2012

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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