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Stone Soup

By Marcia Brown

Published by Atheneum, 1947

This old fairy tale is told and illustrated by Marcia Brown, about a group of soldiers that come into town for food and a place to sleep, but all of the villagers are afraid to help, for fear that the soldiers will take all they own.  The soldiers devise a plan to make Stone Soup, and ask the villagers to add additional ingredients to the soup in order to make it taste better.  In the end, the whole village takes on a celebratory air as they eat and drink their fill of the stone soup and dance the night away.

Great for young children studying classing fairy tales and folk stories.

Awards: Caldecott Honor Book

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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By David and Phyllis Gershator

Illustrated by Diane Greenseid

Published by Marshall Cavendish, 2005

Granny is hungry and out of money, and is wondering how she will feed herself.  She finds a shell–a brown and white West Indies shell– and it tells her to make soup.  In a Caribbean version of the classic Stone Soup, Granny tells the townspeople that the shell has told her to make soup.  In a crafty, but genuine way, a big pot of Kallaloo is the end result, and all the villagers, who had all pitched in to make the soup, all got to participate in enjoying the end result.

As with Flossie and the Fox, the inclusion of a dialect from another region, and the crafty (but likable) main character pushes this book to the fore.  Great book to use with middle and high school English teachers to use for analyzing dialect.   Also good to use with 9th grade Geography students when looking at the Caribbean region.

Includes information about the origin of the story of Kallaloo, and also includes recipes from Kallaloo at the end of the story.

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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