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Hold My Hand

Five Stories about Love and Family

By Charlotte Zolotow

Illustrated by Carol Thompson

Published by Hyperion Books, 2003 (compiled)

This book combines five short stories into one book, each illustrating a tender moment between children and their family members.  A great read for all ages. No curricular connection.



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A Father Like That

by Charlotte Zolotow

Illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Published by Harper Collins, 1971

A boy doesn’t have a father, but he can imagine what it would be like to have one.  He describes to his mother what his father would be like, and all of the things they would do together.  He describes the special bond that would be between them.  This is difficult for his mother to hear, and older readers will pick up on the subtext of her aggressive sewing at the end of the book belying the emotions she is feeling, listening to her son.  She ends with something so profound:  Even if the boy never has a father like that, one day, he can grow up to be that father.  

This emotional book is a great book for kids of all ages who come from all types of families and parenting styles, and specifically addresses kids with single-parent households.

Accessed: Augusta County Library

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