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By Veronica Roth

For teens who liked The Hunger Games trilogy, Feed by M.T. Anderson, or Matched, this book is a winner. Set in post-apocolyptic Chicago, Beatrice “Tris” Prior must choose a faction in which to live. There are four factions from which to choose; most of the 16-year-olds choose the faction into which they were born. Tris chooses a new faction: Dauntless. The Dauntless live by the principle that the conquering of fear is the key to a successful existence, and Tris proves herself time and time again. However, it is discovered that she is not just Dauntless; she is Divergent. This means that she shows aptitude for many different factions– a threat to the faction system. Soon, her life is in danger. When a plot to take over the city is put into action, Tris must decide who to trust, and who to save. The decisions she makes will change her forever.
This fast-paced novel (as well as the subsequent Insurgent and Allegiant) does a decent job of making Tris into a character that is dynamic and believable. Her faults are apparent, and at times, she is a liar, a hypocrite, and a jerk. Her redeeming qualities make her a friend to those she trusts– and cherished love to a special someone. If you start Divergent, be prepared to read all three novels, as this one stops just as things are heating up for Tris and her friends.


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