Phoebe and Digger

By Tricia Springstubb
Illustrated by Jeff Newman
Published by Candlewick Press 2013
When Phoebe’s mother had a baby, Phoebe got a digger. When her mother is spending time with the baby, Phoebe spends time with her digger. Phoebe and her mother go to the park. While Phoebe is playing, a big girl takes the digger away from Phoebe without asking, and won’t give it back. Finally, Phoebe’s mother takes the reins and gets the digger back for her. Phoebe realizes that her mother is there for her when she needs it.
This book is great for young elementary students learning to interact positively and politely with others, and also those who are struggling with balancing the need for attention with the needs of their siblings.

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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One response to “Phoebe and Digger

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review, and for mentioning the book works for older kids, too. I hope it sparks lots of discussions on bullying and learning to see things from others’ perspectives.

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