Our Gracie Aunt

By Jaqueline Woodson

Illustrated by Jon J. Muth

Published by Jump at the Son, 2002

Johnson and Beebee have been left alone before, but this time it seems like their mother isn’t coming back.  When a social worker brings the children to their Aunt Gracie to stay, they are suspicious of how things are going to go.  They adapt quickly, but still miss their mother.  One day they visit their mother, and they are able to understand that she loves them but cannot take care of them right away.  They are overjoyed to go back to their aunt’s house for the time being, where they have a good life and know they are also loved.

A great book for illustrating what happens to some children in foster care, and the difficulties they face.  This book is complex enough to use with even high schoolers who can address the themes of the book and the subtle emotional turmoil that the kids find themselves in.

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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