Shy Charles

By Rosemary Wells

Published by Dial Books for Young Readers, 1988

Poor Charles is very shy.  He does not like to say “Thank you” when his mother tells him to.  He does not like to answer the telephone.  He does not like to be around a lot of people.  His parents are disappointed in him. Their disappointment grows when he fails miserably at both ballet and football due to his shyness.  They are embarrassed of their son.  One evening, while he is being babysat, the babysitter falls down the stairs and hurts herself.  Charles knows what he needs to do: he calls Emergency Services on the telephone and gets his babysitter the help that she needs.  When his parents return home, they are very proud of him.  Though he remains shy, he was brave when bravery was called for.

A great book to read to students who struggle with shyness.  They need to know it’s OK to be shy!  Not exactly curricular, but a terrific book to encourage kids.

Boston Globe Award

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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