Emmett’s Pig

By Mary Stolz
Illustrated by Garth Williams
Published by Harper Collins, 2003

Emmett loves pigs. He has pictures of pigs, piggy banks, pig toys and bedroom decorations. The only thing is, he has never even seen a pig, because he doesn’t grow up in the country. For his birthday, his parents surprise him by bringing him to a farm and letting him adopt a pig, whom he names King Emmett. Once a month, his parents bring him to the farm so he and Kind Emmett can spend time together. (As this is a farm, I cringe to think of what will happen on the day that Emmett is big enough to eat!)

This book is a good one to use when talking about the differences between towns and cities, and also talking about future aspirations. For example, Emmett wants to be a farmer.


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