The Quiltmaker’s Gift

By Jeff Brumbeau

Illustrations by Gail deMarcken

A mystical quilt-maker makes beautiful quilts high up in the hills outside of her village.  She doesn’t sell them; rather, on cold, dark nights she would go around, find a poor, helpless villager, and give the quilt to them.  The discontented king, who was given many gifts but still wasn’t happy, demanded to be given a quilt.  The quiltmaker told him that she would give him a quilt if he gave away everything he had.  Though it took him some time to come around, he finally began giving away his things.  The more he gave away, the happier he felt.  Soon, he had given away all his possessions and was living in mere tattered rags.  However, he was the happiest he had ever been.  The quilt maker gave him his own quilt, and from that point on, he partook in the quilt maker’s work, delivering the quilts that she made.

This picture book is a great connection to family life science and also social studies because it references types of quilts that were historically sewn by housewives.  The different patterns illustrated throughout the story give clues to the story as well as being accurate representations of real quilts.

Awards: Book Sense Book of the Year


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