Nini Lost and Found

Nini Lost and Found

Written and Illustrated by Anita Lobel


Published by Alfred A Knopf, 2010

This adorable book and its main character, Nini, will be familiar to anyone that has cats in the house.  Nini is a curious cat that can’t resist the siren song of an open door and beautiful day, and takes off into the outdoors.  At first, she is enamored with the sights and smells and new experiences of the outdoors, and easily leaves her home in the dust without looking book.  Lobel keeps the house in the background of her illustration to reassure young children that even though Nini is “far away from home,” she’s still close.  The bold, impressionistic paintings are vibrant and are not constricted by borders, and invite the reader along on Nini’s adventure.  

As darkness falls and the evening animals come out and menace Nini, she decides that the outdoors is not as wonderful as she once thought.  When she hears her owners calling for her, she bravely dashes back to her home and the comforts that come with it.  Will Nini be content with her home, or will she be lured back outside for adventure?  

“Out there is all right,” Nini thought.

“For a little while.

But oh, in here, at home, 

is much, much nicer…

                                for now.”

Science SOL 1.5 covers the basic characteristics of animals.  Teachers can use this book to talk about diurnal and nocturnal animals.

Accessed: Augusta County Library



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