Benny and the Binky

Benny and the Binky

Written by Barbro Lindgren

Illustrated by Olof Landström

Translated by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard


Published by Rabén & Sjögren Bokförlag, Translation copyright 2002

Benny has a new baby brother, and with all of the crying that his brother does, he is less than impressed.  His little bro gets a binky to make him happy, and Benny wants one too!  “You’re too big for a binky,”  his mother tells him.  Benny doesn’t agree, so he takes his brother outside, swipes his binky, and runs away in glee.  As he runs, he notices people pointing and laughing at him; the climax is a face-off with three bullies who punch him in the snout and make the binky fly out of his mouth.


Poor Benny has had quite enough of the binky and when he hears his little brother crying, he gives him the binky back and brings him back inside the house.  Maybe he’s too old for a Binky after all.

This is a great book to talk about conflict and resolution, as there are several: Benny and his brother, Benny and the bullies, and then the bullies against a dog that defends Benny and threatens to “bite their knuckles off.”  This is also a great book in which to address bullies, who students contend with all throughout their school-age years.

Special note:  This book was originally published in Sweden!

Accessed: Augusta County Library


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